Pitch for Supporty


Company / App Name: Supporty


What does it do?

Supporty alerts trusted contacts that you need support. Done through a check-in notification, button, or if you haven’t checked in for a certain amount of time. Users can connect the app with their therapists to see progress and patterns.

Why do we need it?

Those with mental health tend to isolate themselves from loved ones. This app will prevent isolation and help those with thoughts of self-harm. Those who want to help but don’t know how are provided resources.

Who is it for?

This app is for those who struggle with mental health and need support but feel unable to reach out.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Most mental health apps are focused on meditation rather than connecting with people who can help. This app has the ability to hold users accountable if desired by alerting contacts after no check-in for a certain amount of time.

What’s next?

More prototyping will soon be performed and then preparing to release to the public. Therapists can pay to connect to all their clients to help them see their progress and patterns. This is only with the consent of the client.

Link to Company / App Demo video