Pitch for SuperSocial

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Company / App Name: SuperSocial


Twitter – supersocial_app

What does it do?

SuperSocial is a powerful, automatic digital marketing software that saves you time and money on your marketing campaigns while still getting great results. We find your product’s audience, and let them know you exists.

Why do we need it?

Building a product is hard enough, and people should focus on this part instead on marketing. That’s why we built SuperSocial! It lets you build your product while SuperSocial does the marketing and advertising.

Who is it for?

It’s for everyone. Have you ever tried to look for alpha testers for your product? Or, you just didn’t know how or where you should market your product and get new customers? SuperSocial got your back.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The fact that we do anything that’s possible to help our customers get new leads or any connections they need. And it’s all automated.

What’s next?

We work on our product full-time to make sure our customers get what they pay for, with the best UX possible.