Pitch for Suggestream

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Company / App Name: Suggestream


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What does it do?

Help you discovers movies and TV shows that fit you tastes depending on a submitted one. Providing necessary information to make you opinion on the proposed content like availability on streaming platform, trailer, IMDb rating and summary.

Why do we need it?

We the growing number of streaming platforms and available content it is hard to choose what you want to watch. With a simple swipe based UI. The app simplify your decision process.

Who is it for?

Everybody wanting to discovers TV shows or movies.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It simple swipe-based navigation and recommendation system. It doesn’t need any account to works. And it has the largest database of movies and tv show of any other recommendation apps.

What’s next?

A anime category that will be using My anime list as a recommendation reference to get more accurate results. And a streaming platforms filter to only get show that are already available on what you have.

Link to Company / App Demo video