Pitch for Stocks Dividend Tracker

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Company / App Name: Stocks Dividend Tracker

Twitter – @juvosoft

What does it do?

Real-time stock search, quotes,charts, and news. Custom stock portfolio
Instant daily, monthly dividend stock picks
Powerful stock loss, gain calculator
Real-time dividend payment calculator
No ads. No log in, No password

Why do we need it?

Manage, analyze your stocks portfolio. Calculate dividend payment instantly. Easy to use stock gain, loss calculator. Help you make timely, informed, and better stock investing decision.

Who is it for?

Stock investors. Future investors, dividend investors, Anyone interested in stock investing

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Calculate dividend payment instantly by individual stocks without logging, password. No ads and we don\’t save any customer\’s personal information. Stocks holdings can be organized in custom portfolio.

What’s next?

Regular updates, extensive features will be added in the next month.

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