Pitch for STEM Search Group


Company / App Name: STEM Search Group

Twitter – @STEMSearchGroup

What does it do?

We are technical recruiting specialists offering Placement as a Service.
We combined the flexibility of contingent search with elements of retained search and wrapped it in a SaaS-inspired fee model.

Why do we need it?

Traditional recruiting models are broken and serve the recruiting firms, not the people impacted the most. Everything else evolved, but not the recruiting firms. People and companies deserve something that is driven by fit, not fee.

Who is it for?

We built something specifically with tech talent and high-tech, high-growth companies/teams in mind (especially PE/VC-backed companies that must be concerned with burn rates and investor meetings).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Our model: the contingency part means it does not compete against their own TA efforts, the retained enhancements increase client/candidate experiences, and the distributed fee model eliminates short guarantees and large lump sum fees.

What’s next?

Our biggest hurdle is the sheer amount of recruiting spam that people get every day. We really want to have direct conversations with founders, tech hiring authorities, and talent acquisition leaders.

Link to Company / App Demo video