Pitch for Stack

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Company / App Name: Stack

Twitter – UseStack

What does it do?

Stack makes social scheduling human again. Schedule tweets in a simple and fast way (Facebook & LinkedIn coming soon too!). Always in active development.

Why do we need it?

Having a steady online presence takes a lot of time. With Stack we make it easy for you to schedule the tweets to be posted troughout the week. All with a human touch.

Who is it for?

We’re aiming for web pro’s (individuals and bussinesses) who wants a nice, constant presence on twitter (facebook, linkedin coming soon).

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Stack is easy to setup, thus perfect for to get started quickly with scheduling your tweets. Though it’s simple to setup, it’s also real powerful for pro’s and for businesses.

What’s next?

Facebook/LinkedIn scheduling. More scheduling options. Even smarter workspaces. More integration with 3rd party vendors trough our open API.

Pitch Video