Pitch for SourceStack

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Company / App Name: SourceStack


Twitter – @contextify1

What does it do?

SourceStack enables small companies to build highly customized leads lists and market research using 200+ attributes – 900+ categories, use of 8000+ technologies, current hiring, eCommerce catalog, social presence, and more.

Why do we need it?

Early-stage B2B companies struggle to find and scale a customer persona that fits their product. SourceStack allows them to identify prospects by 200+ company data attributes, and only pay for as much data as they need.

Who is it for?

SourceStack works best for Sales, Marketing, Product, and some Engineering teams at B2B startups and agencies. We also work quite well with Solopreneurs.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Because our pricing is usage-only (non-recurring), we can support small startups as they iterate through various ICPs over time. For most use cases, we offer substantially more data fields at lower cost than comparable data vendors.

What’s next?

SourceStack has been operating for 2.5 years (as of posting). You can view our past roadmap – and previews of our upcoming features – at sourcestack.co/updates