Pitch for Socket: Online quoting software

Company / App Name: Socket: Online quoting software

Twitter – @socketapp

What does it do?

Socket is simple to use, online quoting software that lets you quote and sell through your website. Socket allows you to build your own quote forms, plug them into your website, accept payments online, and track and manage leads.

Why do we need it?

For many businesses, “add to cart” simply doesn’t work. Most B2B companies aren’t able to sell online because of the overly-simplistic “add to cart” model of e-commerce. Socket is e-commerce for the rest of us.

Who is it for?

Service companies, ISVs, VoIP companies, advertisers, manufacturers, B2B.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Socket has a super friendly, easy to use interface. Socket also has a customer-facing instant quote builder with simple copy/paste website integration.

What’s next?

Pricing for Socket starts at only $29/mo with no contracts and no setup fees. Socket is currently in private beta and invites are being accepted through the website.

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