Pitch for Smart Link Solutions Ltd

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Company / App Name: Smart Link Solutions Ltd

Twitter – @SmartLinkSolut1

What does it do?

We have developed an app that allows Tesla owners to exercise control over their car’s charge cycle that is not currently provided by the Tesla app, which leads to them being able to charge their car for less money.

Why do we need it?

As a Tesla/EV owner you are already saving money, but why would you stop there? You can save a lot more money if you charge your car when energy is cheap.

Who is it for?

Tesla owners and other EV owners once we integrate with smart chargers.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

As far as we’re aware there isn’t any other app that allows Tesla owners to have as much control over their car. We have also yet to encounter any other app that enables people to save this much money on charging their car.

What’s next?

Currently we can only interface with Tesla cars, but we are planning to bring support for EVs of all brands by integrating with smart chargers in the future.

Link to Company / App Demo video