Pitch for Silentus

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Company / App Name: Silentus


Twitter – @silentusapp

What does it do?

Silentus allows users to filter out only the notifications from both contacts and apps, that are relevant for their core activities. They also benefit from our Pomodoro timer and keep track of their productivity in their custom dashboards.

Why do we need it?

Workers lose around 480 hours of productive time per person pero year as a result of unsolicited notifications on their mobiles. Silentus wants to help them regain this time, so they can use it for personal or business purposes.

Who is it for?

Silentus’ main users are digital freelancers who work for more than one client on a regular basis and under strict deadlines (i.e. copywriters, translators, graphic designers). Additionally, startup founders and students can also benefit.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Silentus competitive advantage is its User Experience. With its minimalistic design and 1-touch tool to create “allowed-lists” for both contacts and apps, Silentus enables users with an app that helps them increase their productivity.

What’s next?

Silentus launched its Premium version for Android in July 2022. We will focus on increasing our users base, gather feedback, and continue adding relevant features for our customers, including AI/MR solutions to create personalised modes.

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