Pitch for SignalZen

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Company / App Name: SignalZen


Twitter – @SignalZen

What does it do?

SignalZen is a live chat SaaS for your website that enables you to talk to website visitors from Slack.

By signing up at SignalZen and inserting a small piece of HTML code into your website’s code, you will start receiving chats on Slack.

Why do we need it?

Live chat from Slack solution is a productivity boost.

Your team won’t need to switch to other platforms for talking with website visitors and you can have a chat with your colleagues on Slack prior to giving answers to website visitors.

Who is it for?

Startups, small-medium companies, or enterprises. Small teams or startups will find it useful with any size of traffic. Enterprises will find it convenient with smaller Live Chat session traffic.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We offer outstanding and advanced Slack integration with interactivity, Slack commands, etc.

In our niche we’re the only ones who have Mobile apps and the possibility to talk from the Console (Administration panel) in case Slack goes down.

What’s next?

We have plans to support email capturing to Slack and also calls center from Slack.

Link to Company / App Demo video