Pitch for ShoeSize.Me

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Company / App Name: ShoeSize.Me

Twitter – ShoeSize.Me

What does it do?

ShoeSize.Me is a plug-in integrated to online shoe shops that generates a personalised, perfect shoe size recommendation for customers. It is optimised down to specific shoe models thus allowing for maximum accuracy.

Why do we need it?

Shoe sizes differ internationally, between and within brands. Only 5% of shoes are bought online out of which 50% are returned due to a bad fit. ShoeSize.Me seeks to eliminate the underlying shoe sizing issue and gives consumers confidence.

Who is it for?

Both online shoppers and online shops will benefit. Shoppers will gain the confidence to order shoes in the recommended size rather than multiple sizes which need to be returned. Less returns imply reduced shipping costs for the retailer.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Neither the user nor the retailer need to physically go out of their way as there is no need for measuring. The ShoeSize.Me databank is capable of recommending the optimal size for each individual based solely on the users reference shoe.

What’s next?

ShoeSize.Me is rapidly expanding its shoe data-bank in alignment with its increasing online shoe retailer customer base. It is optimising the accuracy of its plug-in, available in several languages.

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