Pitch for SHED – The Notorious Game


Company / App Name: SHED – The Notorious Game

Twitter – @shed_card

What does it do?

Mobile adaptation of the popular card game SHED:

– allows you to exercise your brain (strategy)
– thrill of competition in every round
– a good source of entertainment and fun during lock down
– Great user interface, graphics and music

Why do we need it?

Why do we need poker? Blackjack? Cards in general?

We don’t.
Yet they are very popular.

They provide great entertainment with minimal set up: all you need is the cards and a good game. That’s where SHED comes in: the most strategic game

Who is it for?

Everyone and Anyone. If you are bored, this game is for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– We use the original SHED rules unlike all the competitors
– Top tier graphics, interface and music
– Online (with friends) and offline (alone) modes available
– Interactive tutorial for newbies
– Monthly prizes
-Free to play

What’s next?

physical tournaments of SHED for the best players (once corona dies down).

Link to Company / App Demo video