Pitch for Sgriffle


Company / App Name: Sgriffle

Twitter – AppSgriffle

What does it do?

Sgriffle is an AI that creates graphics for your social media. Just enter keywords into a search bar and you will get immediately fresh designed content. It’s like Pinterest, but the results are created live for you.

Why do we need it?

Designing for social media is still a time-consuming process, where technology is often the main focus. With Sgriffle, it is again possible to focus entirely on the content and not on the technology.

Who is it for?

Sgriffle is for everyone who does content marketing and wants to think about the content and not the production.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Every other editor starts with a white drawing area. With Sgriffle you start like a search in the internet. By entering keywords you will get countless suggestions, you can refine them and at the end you have a whole range of graphics.

What’s next?

Sgriffle is constantly being further developed. There are more options to customise your graphics and we are also working on a chatbot for Instagram and Faceboook, so you can generate your graphics directly from Sgriffle in the chat.

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