Pitch for Security Awards Guru

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Company / App Name: Security Awards Guru


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What does it do?

Cyber Security Awards-as-a-Service:
We help marketers at cyber startups make sense of the hectic landscape of industry awards by identifying the most relevant awards and giving them structure with a strategic plan, budget and timeline.

Why do we need it?

The cyber security market is competitive and vendors can’t afford to miss building their brands with awards. Juniors are asked to create sheets with awards that become outdated before they’re ever finished, with no practical understanding.

Who is it for?

Marketeers at cyber security startups/ vendors / SMBs all over the world.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There are a very few other companies that offer this type of solution, NONE of them are industry specific awards plans. We have a deep understanding in cyber security that allows us to choose awards that actually make a splash for the brand

What’s next?

We have growth plan to introduce automations and to partner with fellow marketers from adjacent industries to expand into new sectors. We also plan to offer more services within the cybersecurity space e.g. speaking opportunities at events.