Pitch for ROSHI


Company / App Name: ROSHI

Twitter – https://twitter.com/ROSHI04966239

What does it do?

ROSHI = Financial Super Platform

1. An unbiased and user-centric search and comparison experience for various types of financial & utility products.

2. A 1st to market real-time home loan marketplace (SG)

3. Stock Pick Buying Alerts

Why do we need it?

– Financial aggregators provide a biased experience highlighting products where they receive higher commissions.

– Home loan customer journey still requires a lot of shopping around and missing out on best rates due to lack of unification.

Who is it for?

– Students,
– First home buyers
– Investors or
– Retirees

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– 1st to market real-time home loan marketplace (Singapore)
– User-centric search & comparison experience

What’s next?

– Launch of home loan real-time marketplace (end April 2021)
– Launch of Stock Buying Alerts (end of June 2021)