Pitch for Rodeo Judge

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Company / App Name: Rodeo Judge

Twitter – rodeojudgegame

What does it do?

Rodeo Judge, the original rodeo card game, was invented by Scott Mendes, the 1997 PRCA World Champion Bull Rider. It is a mobile card game based on rodeo judging rules.

Why do we need it?

I am confident that you will find this game to be a unique and fun family card game. Give it a try.

Who is it for?

Two to four players compete head-to-head in turn based competition to win titles and awards. Challenge your Google Plus friends, or go solo against Scott directly. Compete against the worlds best players to become world champion.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

This free to play card game is a turn based multiplayer video game loosely based on the game of 21, except that it incorporates rodeo scoring rules totaling 25.

What’s next?

The game is currently released on the Android platform. We are in development to release other versions for the iPhone/iPad, Windows, Mac, and more.

Link to Company / App Demo video