Pitch for Revitalize Energy


Company / App Name: Revitalize Energy


What does it do?

We partnered with FDA, medical, and industry experts to create an energizing eye drop. Our drops provide instant energy while fighting eye fatigue from prolonged screen exposure. Revitalize lasts longer than a cup without the caffeine crash

Why do we need it?

2020 has been EXHAUSTING. Many of us are stuck at home behind a computer screen and the separation between work and home life has evaporated. Revitalize is a perfect way to quickly and instantly refresh those tired eyes before your to-do

Who is it for?

We’ve identified 5 groups:
-Gamers who stream and play for hours
-College students taking remote classes
-Truckers & uber drivers who spend hours staring at the open road
-Remote workers whose whole day is behind a computer
-Pot users

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Many startups look at COVID as a problem, for us it’s an opportunity as millions now more work from home. Spending entire days behind the computer is becoming the new norm & Revitalize provides the perfect boost and lifts those tired eyes

What’s next?

Next week w’re launching our crowdfunding campaign to fund our first production run. Crowdfunding is the perfect way for us to promote our product and peak potential customers interests as we look to attract more investment and expand.

Link to Company / App Demo video