Pitch for Res-Q

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Company / App Name: Res-Q


What does it do?

Res-Q is a smart and stylish mask for 10.000 hours.

Mask works up to 6-8 hours, charges quickly for 1 hour, has a built-in voice amplifier, automatically on/off, when user puts on/off it.

Why do we need it?

The main problems of current masks that Res-Q solve:
– Low efficiency
– High monthly expenses
– Pant
– Sweating glasses
– Unaesthetic
– Difficulties in communication

Who is it for?

Mask need for medical organisations and personal usage.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

/ Nice design and ergonomics /
/ Smart /
/ Effectiveness /
/ Doesn’t require extra costs on filters /

What’s next?

1. Get medical registration
2. Make new version for people who are severely affected by pollen allergies. Mask can defend them from allergens or help breathe easier, if they got allergens (pumping air to nose).

Link to Company / App Demo video