Pitch for RemoteDream


Company / App Name: RemoteDream


Twitter – https://twitter.com/RemoteDream1

What does it do?

RemoteDream is a platform that helps you find and book hotels and hostels that are ideal for remote working
Ideal locations feature Quality work spots / Coworkings / Community of like minded people / Excellent WiFi / Surprising extra’s

Why do we need it?

Currently it is really hard to find hotels and hostels that are ideal for remote working
RemoteDream will bring the best locations together to one place

Who is it for?

Remote Workers, Digital nomads, People that like a Workation

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There is nothing like this yet

What’s next?

We are striving to make all locations bookable within a month from now. This won’t be the end station, the platform will be extended with a community feature and information about local visa requirements.

Link to Company / App Demo video