Pitch for RateMe.link


Company / App Name: RateMe.link

Twitter – @RateMeLink

What does it do?

RateMe.link – your own zero-friction “star rating” page, where customers rate the experience with your business in 1 click.
Positive ratings redirect to public review sites of your choice, while unfavorable ratings ask for private feedback

Why do we need it?

RateMe.link makes asking for and getting customer reviews easy and safe. By using your RateMe.link yo’ll always be the first to learn about your your customers’ experiences before bad reviews tun up online.

Who is it for?

RateMe.link can help anyone with a business get more and better customer reviews. It works equally well for online and offline businesses and with any review site that’s relevant to that business.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

RateMe.link does one thing perfectly: making it dead-easy and safe to ask customers to rate a business through our zero-friction star rating page and get you more positive reviews for your real customers. And it’s very affordable.

What’s next?

Next up are more statistics about customers’ rating and review patterns to stay on top of your business’ online reputation. And as always we’ll keep talking to our customers to learn about their use cases and how we can improve.