Pitch for Rambl


Company / App Name: Rambl


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What does it do?

Rambl is a location/topic based chat room app where anonymous users can talk to anyone within a certain distance or about a certain keyword. Rambl gives any location or topic a realtime public chatroom where everyone can be involved!

Why do we need it?

Rambl centralizes all public chat room communication on the internet. It is similar to social media livestream chat, except it doesn’t revolve around a video. Instead the chat revolves around a keyword or a location.

Who is it for?

Rambl is used for chatting with strangers. Location based chat can be used for large social gatherings, like sports, concerts, or events. Topic based chat lets you talk to anyone with the same topic giving any keyword its own chat room.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is a completely anonymous chat room app where the users can create their own chat rooms to talk with strangers. It gives any area or keyword its own realtime comment section.

What’s next?

The next step is to market this app to get more users. Once there are some active users, more will come because there needs to be more content on the app for people to be interested.

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