Pitch for Ralley


Company / App Name: Ralley

Twitter – @ralleyio

What does it do?

Ralley is a message queue as a service that requires no setup at all, as it works over HTTPS/2. It’s like RabbitMQ but much easier to set up and use. Ralley also supports scheduling jobs with delays or on a recurring schedule.

Why do we need it?

Tools like RabbitMQ require a lot of maintenance and setup. AWS SQS and GCP Pubsub require less setup, but are very limited in functionality (no schedules, limited delay options, limited retry control, no visibility of jobs).

Who is it for?

Developers – it’s infinitely scalable, so it can be used at companies of all sizes!

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It’s incredibly fast to get started as it just uses HTTPS/2. It works with every language and provides great visibility into the status of jobs – so you can easily diagnose any fix any problems.

What’s next?

Advanced tracing for serverless and microservice architecture.

Link to Company / App Demo video