Pitch for Radiant


Company / App Name: Radiant

Twitter – @getradiant.app

What does it do?

Radiant is personal radio station hosted by an artificially intelligent DJ with a voice and personality all of his own, called Rad!

Through Rad, you’ll discover new music, learn about artists and hear news and weather on the hour!

Why do we need it?

Radio has traditionally been the best way to discovery great new songs. Radiant takes that to the next level by focusing on you without losing what makes traditional radio great.

No more choice paralysis, just fire up Rad and enjoy.

Who is it for?

Radiant is for people with a Spotify account who want to find new music they’ll love, learn about the artists and who want a more human touch to the coldness of music streaming.

On the go? Throwing a party? Focusing on work? Rads got you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Radiant is the first service to meld the personal experience of music streaming with the fun, whimsy and value-add that a only human DJ brings.

We leverage AI, machine learning and data analysis to bring a voice to music discovery.

What’s next?

We’ve spent the last year treating v1 as a public beta. We’re now happy with the service and the direction we’re going and are looking to bring Rad to more platforms such as the web and Android + adding exciting community focused features.

Link to Company / App Demo video