Pitch for ProfitBuddies

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Company / App Name: ProfitBuddies


What does it do?

app for businessmen to come together and find investments for their business and potential partners, you can post pictures, description, budget and location of your business, follow others to keep up to date with their posts.

Why do we need it?

Business networking is expensive and for the privileged.

The aim is to let people who are interested in business but lack adequate funding or simply need partners to come together and help each other with the idea of sharing profit.

Who is it for?

anyone who is interested in starting a business or investing in one.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is a free platform, user-driven.
on IOS, Android, and soon website

This is a website to get investments or partners for your business. especially smaller ones like, barbershop, beauty salon, supermarket, etc

What’s next?

large community, social media style
more businesses
more jobs
dream projects come true