Pitch for Primetric

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Company / App Name: Primetric


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What does it do?

Primetric allows you to forecast the availability of your people and track the time they spend on projects to compare your plans with reality. Understand your operational and financial performance at a glance.

Why do we need it?

You can easily replace sluggish spreadsheets thanks to modules, such as:
– Resource Scheduling
– Resource & Skills Management
– Project Portfolio Management
– Timesheets & Time Tracking
– Finance Management

Who is it for?

Primetric is Resource, Finance & Project Management Software dedicated to small and medium-sized IT companies that desire to better plan, track, and forecast people’s availability and project portfolio profitability.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

With Primetric you can easily reduce planning time up to 80% and increase income up to 6% year to year.

What’s next?

Primetric grows really fast! With over 8,000 users worldwide already, we strive to constantly improve our tool based on feedback from our trusted partners to save them time and money on their project management efforts.

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