Pitch for Precision Health Reports


Company / App Name: Precision Health Reports

Twitter – @PreciseHlthRpt

What does it do?

Our product gives doctors & health coaches a diagnostic tool that is faster, easier and more accurately identifies a person’s risk of developing diabetes or having a cardiovascular event and track the person’s response to therapy over time.

Why do we need it?

These diseases are the #1 & #7 leading cause of death in the U.S. with over $500B annually in direct care costs. Despite guidelines and programs designed to identify and manage these risks, the disease burden & costs continue to rise.

Who is it for?

Our primary customers are doctors, dietitians, and health coaches with the end beneficiary of our product ultimately being the individual having their disease risk managed.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

No other diagnostic risk assessment uses personal medical information, outcome-proven biomarkers, and evidence-based guidelines to accurately discriminate individual risk and measure the response to prescribed therapies over time.

What’s next?

Having just launched our Diabetic Risk Assessment product line with new customers as well as preparing to launch a full Cardiometabolic Risk Assessment product line with a more complete assessment that includes cardiovascular risks.