Pitch for Postpace


Company / App Name: Postpace


What does it do?

Postpace is a topic research and content brief building platform to help writers, bloggers, speakers, marketers and content marketing teams save hours of time with data analysis & workflow automation.

Why do we need it?

Researching a writing topic and competing contents manually is unproductive, time consuming and inefficient. Postpace automates your hours of topic research in two minutes and helps you write content faster & better.

Who is it for?

Writers, Bloggers, Marketers, Speakers & Content teams

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Postpace doesn’t clutter the research report with unnecessary data and forces user to spend time into understanding it. Rather postpace fetches and analyse competing contents and then breaks down the findings into bite sized information.

What’s next?

We are building a productivity platform for content teams to ideate, create and distribute contents from one central dashboard with end to end workflow automation to save time and improve marketing outcomes.

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