Pitch for Portals


Company / App Name: Portals


What does it do?

Portals is a decentralized VPN.

Instead of user’s traffic being passed through VPN company servers (with possibility of being spied by company or its employees), the traffic goes through p2p network of independent providers.

Why do we need it?

Typical VPNs ask you to trust their company and their employees: they promise not to peek at your online activity or disclose your data to 3rd parties and government.
This proved to be false in many past instances.

Who is it for?

– Users who want to stay anonymous when browsing sensitive content
– Users who want to add extra layer of web security
– Users who want to access geo-blocked content

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Vast majority of VPN providers are centralized. They claim not to keep logs or store users data. Worse – there are numerous proofs they are selling this data to 3rd parties.
At Portals technology ensures this is not possible.

What’s next?

– expanding p2p network
– increasing security by adding multi-hops
– iOS support (atm we support Mac/Windows/Android)