Pitch for PauseMe

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Company / App Name: PauseMe


Twitter – @Pause_Me_Now

What does it do?

The PauseMe is a physical Bluetooth button that enables you to take control of your Zoom meetings. With a single click turn off video or audio, and another tap to turn back on! The only button that lets you easily hit pause on life.

Why do we need it?

Virtual calls are the norm in today’s professional world. Remote life & personal life blur together more than ever. Dogs bark, kids interrupt, someone rings the doorbell. Sometimes we need a quick, confident “pause” during a virtual calls.

Who is it for?

B2C: Corporate Professionals, Students, Anyone In Virtual Meetings Frequently
B2B: Organizations(buying for their employees, buying for customer thank you gifts, buying as promotional for trade shows), Universities(buying for students)

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Instant set up ( no software install required)
Bluetooth/ wireless
Toggle both Audio + Video
Lightweight, elegant design

What’s next?

Based on high customer demand, we will be producing the PauseMe for Microsoft Teams next— A similar button as our original intended for MS Teams users. We would also like to unlock logo branding on bulk orders.

Link to Company / App Demo video