Pitch for Partizion


Company / App Name: Partizion

Twitter – https://twitter.com/partizion

What does it do?

Partizion helps you organize your work in the browser. You can create custom workspaces (Work, personal, side-project, school, etc.) and save groups of tabs as collections for tasks, todos, research, projects, reading lists, etc.

Why do we need it?

If you’re tired of having 20+ tabs open in your browser and are constantly distracted then you should try Partizion. It helps you organize, find, and manage your tabs.

Who is it for?

Partizion is for designers, developers, founders, and managers who do lots of work in the browser. If you constantly find yourself with dozens of tabs open that you don’t want to close, Partizion is perfect for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Partizion isn’t just a tab manager. It’s a cloud bookmark manager that allows you to organize and access your work from any device or browser. Never worry about not being able to find a tab again.

What’s next?

Partizion has a rich roadmap that includes sharing collections and adding team members.

Link to Company / App Demo video