Pitch for parruu AG

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Company / App Name: parruu AG


Twitter – @helloparruu

What does it do?

Parruu is a tool to create personalized sales videos & landing pages at scale easily and rapidly.

Why do we need it?

Sales flows are hard, tedious, repetitive and need so much mental strength. At parruu we focus on the scalability and the personalization of sales videos.

Who is it for?

We help SDRs & entrepreneurs save time while personalizing their communication.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

None of our competitors offers the scalability and the degree of personalization we supply. Our tool is quick and easy to use, which was essential for us, because we are not all born with a camera in the hand!

What’s next?

I’m glad that I can be on this journey with my Co-founder and wife, Blandine. We want to help all entrepreneurs, no matter if you’re a one woman startup (as I used to be) or high-growth scale up.

Link to Company / App Demo video