Pitch for parkingaccess.com


Company / App Name: parkingaccess.com

Twitter – parkingaccess

What does it do?

Our chrome extensions adds parking to your confirmed flight at the airport you’re departing, for the dates and times of your flight using your parking preferences set up upon creating your parkingaccess.com account.

Why do we need it?

Business / frequent travelers know where they are going to park – we save them time when they need to book parking on another website – now they can simply add parking on Delta, United, Expedia, etc when booking their flight.

Who is it for?

Business / frequent flyers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There are many websites that allow for parking reservations, but no one has created an app that works with airline and flight booking sites to automate the process. Perks come with an account $50 per year in free parking.

What’s next?

Launch the chrome extension and promote on frequent travel podcasts, newsletters etc to reach our target audience.

Link to Company / App Demo video