Pitch for Officium Labs


Company / App Name: Officium Labs

Twitter – @officiumlabs

What does it do?

Hybrid Resource/Product platform for the Customer Services industry. Some folks say it is everything you need in customer service sans the CRM tool.

Why do we need it?

Brands lost $338B a year according to Sarv and the key driver is a broken and siloed BPO system and does not enable brands to capitalize value across their services customer journey

Who is it for?

All brands with customer service, hence all brands. It tends to favor most heavily brands with a digital footprint of some kind.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We have combined the AWS of Human Capital, the best of breed non CRM products needed to run a service center, and a CX Lab think to drive important profit focused business transformation

What’s next?

First 20 months, $8M in gross revenue, $1.4M in net profit. Phase 1 done. Phase 2 is about scale of platform and products.

Link to Company / App Demo video