Pitch for Notch


Company / App Name: Notch

Twitter – notch_hq

What does it do?

Notch is an automated platform that helps companies find, hire, and manage trusted remote developers at scale. Through a vetting process that combines technical and soft skills with remote readiness, Notch enables companies to hire anywhere

Why do we need it?

The world is quickly shifting to remote work, but hiring and managing talent outside your local area comes with a lot of new challenges that take too much time and have to too much risk for fast-growing companies.

Who is it for?

We help fast-growing startup and companies

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We’re the first talent platform to combine vetting for technical and soft skills with remote readiness – and both are essential in order to hire effective remote teammates.

What’s next?

We just launched our new site and rebrand and are continuing to build out new features of our product – lots of exciting updates on the way.