Pitch for Newsreels


Company / App Name: Newsreels


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What does it do?

It’s a news aggregator app

Why do we need it?

You have absolute control over the topics you want to read about and the news channels you want to get them from. Whether you want to take your daily updates in short bullet points or watch stories in trendy newsreels, this smart news app

Who is it for?

For everyone who wants to get the news in fast and simple without reading long paragraphs

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

All features like Newsreels where you can watch the news in reels format. You can get news in bullet forms, the app can even read out the news to you. You can customize the news feed accordingly to you interests

What’s next?

We want to revolutionize the news readings and sharing experience in a sustainable and equitable manner for both readers and publishers