Pitch for myKinCloud


Company / App Name: myKinCloud

Twitter – @myKinCloud

What does it do?

myKinCloud helps deepen connections with parents & kids through daily mindfulness practices, including gratitude, self-awareness, messaging, meditation, yoga & inspirations. Completed practices posted to private group feed for interaction.

Why do we need it?

Parents and kids need more mindfulness and connection in these difficult times. myKinCloud is revolutionizing social media by offering a safe, private place to connect, share and interact with loved ones, ultimately improving mental health.

Who is it for?

myKinCloud is aimed at families who are already using devices in their busy, everyday lives, where parents are trying to connect more meaningfully with their kids. Anyone can use myKinCloud, with a maximum of 12 people per private group.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There is nothing like myKinCloud on the market with its focus on achieving deeper connection in a private group. There are countless apps for various mindfulness practices, but none for the whole family to participate and share in together.

What’s next?

myKinCloud just launched and is getting more families to subscribe to the app. We want to increase our content offering across social media and also create a family mindfulness blog. We are aiming to create a family mindfulness revolution!

Link to Company / App Demo video