Pitch for MyFocusSpace

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Company / App Name: MyFocusSpace


Twitter – https://twitter.com/MyFocusSpace1

What does it do?

MyFocusSpace, a virtual co-working space that will change the way we work remotely. You can find an accountability buddy to work with at any time, anywhere, on-demand.

Why do we need it?

It’s tough to stay focused – especially in 2021.
– Many of us are all working remotely
– You may face overwhelming tasks
– You have at least one dreaded item on your to-do list
– You have to deal with distractions

Who is it for?

remote workers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The community which we are building along with features that you can’t find on the market in one place: longer sessions, analytics, share your calendar with your friends so that they will have priority in matching

What’s next?

Accordingly, to the feedback of our community members, we are going to implement Private Communities matches, AI Matching, Recommendation of people to work with every week to generate more value in their matches.

Link to Company / App Demo video