Pitch for MyEzbee

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Company / App Name: MyEzbee

Twitter – @myezbee

What does it do?

Myezbee helps you to organize your daily shopping experience by helping you to store and share coupons. capture product warranty information and also keep track of your bills , receipts and memberships.

Why do we need it?

DO you want to SAVE $$$, Energy and Time? Just input your brief purchase details. MYEZBEE App will store, organize and retrieve your purchase details, also send you notifications on relevant important dates like expiry/return/due date.

Who is it for?

It is for everyone who want to keep track and plan their shopping and realise good value for their purchases.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

The app is simple to use , provides notifications and alerts of upcoming expiries of receipts, warranties and coupons and has several inbuilt native features like barcode scanner, gps location tracking, access to camera and picture gallery

What’s next?

Lots of new features and functionalities coming to make life easy for all.

Link to Company / App Demo video