Pitch for Mutant Mail

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Company / App Name: Mutant Mail


Twitter – mutantmail

What does it do?

With Mutant Mail, you can reply/send/receive all your domain emails from Single Inbox (let’s say Gmail, Hotmail, or any other).

All the while maintaining your professional brand/domain appearance with the convenience of email management.

Why do we need it?

In general, any domain has at least 5 email ids (admin, support, help, legal, contact), how many of us monitor all of them?
Imagine having 5 domains, each having 5 email alias(admin, support, help, legal, contact). That’s 25 email IDs.

Who is it for?

Mutant Mail is the perfect solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs, hustlers, affiliate marketers, drop shippers, sales folks, & cold marketers.
In nutshell anyone who owns multiple domains, but doesn’t have a dedicated team for email

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Mutant Mail is the only server-side solution to control all your domain emails in one place.

The amazing part of the service is, no emails are logged or stored at the Mutant Mail server.

We only route emails to and from, both ways.

What’s next?

We just had an immense overhaul on the infrastructure side for the traction we are getting, it’s amazing.
The new infrastructure is failsafe and feature-rich to ensure no disruption in service.

This is just a step on our long road map.

Link to Company / App Demo video