Company / App Name: MUSICDATAK


What does it do?

MUSICDATAK Satisfaction Score automatically calculates many relevant data sources from music platforms, radio stations and music rankings on social networks. With MusicDatak, radio stations make more informed decisions about their music cat

Why do we need it?

MusicDatak is designed to help brands and radio stations make the most informed decisions about song usage. The way people access music these days is different than it was just three years ago – it can be through a video on TikTok or throug

Who is it for?

MusicDatak targets radio stations, retail brands and music curators.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

MusicDatak is the only platform that targets radio stations, retail brands and music curators.

What’s next?

A strategic partnership with a platform that get connected to client’s audio web players to get second by second listening behaviors.

Link to Company / App Demo video