Pitch for Music Daily®

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Company / App Name: Music Daily®


Twitter – @musicdailynow

What does it do?

Music Daily streams the latest music news live via TikTok with full coverage available on desktop, mobile web and mobile app. We target Zillennial fans with all the information they crave about the artists they love and need to discover!

Why do we need it?

Zillennials (A18-29 yo) are the most interested demographic in new music and discovery but don’t have a TV show (anymore). They prefer to stream their ad-supported entertainment through connected devices (CTV/OTT) rather than a cable box.

Who is it for?

Older GenerationZ and younger Millennials – “Zillennials” and anyone interested in music.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Music Daily is created by Zillennial music fans for Zillennial music fans. The latest news about who’s recording, new music releases, album reviews, streaming charts and playlists, tours, festivals and livestream updates with links.

What’s next?

Because we believe TikTok is the next new media platform, we are going to lead the way to a new broadcast paradigm.

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