Pitch for Mubert

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Company / App Name: Mubert


Twitter – mubertapp

What does it do?

Mubert’s AI-powered technology allows infinite music generation from samples and loops produced by real musicians.
All of the generated music content can be licensed for any commercial use case.

Why do we need it?

Mubert allows instant track generation in any duration, in just a couple of clicks, democratizing the process of soundtrack selection for content creators.

Who is it for?

Our music generator is a great fit for content creators of any kind. From individual creators to brands and agencies – Mubert helps generate tracks of any duration, in 140+ genres, moods and activities.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

WIth Mubert you can generate track of any duration and choose the track type that best fits your needs. You can also generate similar tracks or even find an original one, adding the link to the reference track on YT.

What’s next?

The next one-of-a-kind feature to come will definitely be generation based on a reference and Artists Marketplace, where content creators can contribute to musicians directly.