Pitch for Most Recommended Books


Company / App Name: Most Recommended Books

Twitter – mrb_books

What does it do?

Discover books recommended by the world’s most successful people.

We have 5000+ books recommended by 400+ experts (with more added every month!)

Plus, our recommendations are 100% verified.

Why do we need it?

We solve the problem of finding your next great read 🙂

Who is it for?

Readers but specifically startup founders (since most of our Experts are founders)

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

Two things:
1. Our reviews are all less than 140 characters (so you can quickly skim through a page of book reviews and still get an idea of what each book is like)
2. All our reviews have sources (so you know they’re real)

What’s next?

We want to open it up so anyone can add their book reviews 🙂