Pitch for Mokool Apps


Company / App Name: Mokool Apps

Twitter – https://twitter.com/mokoolapps

What does it do?

Translation and currency converter to Shopify stores in a single menu. Fully customize to look beautiful on your Shopify store to show customers in local language and currency to help store owners increase conversion and sales.

Why do we need it?

Shopify store owners add it to be able to speak to customers in a native language and currency. Often customers can land on your Shopify store and not understand what our product is.

Store owners need it to increase sales

Who is it for?

Shopify store owners

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is the only unlimited translation & currency converter on the market. We use Google Translator to help translate in 2013 languages and offer currency conversion in 164 languages.

What’s next?

Grow the app and listen to our customers to be the #1 app for Translation and Currency Converter.

Link to Company / App Demo video