Pitch for Miza

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Company / App Name: Miza


Twitter – @Abextechnologie

What does it do?

Miza is not your common budgeting app. We’re actually the only one dedicated to enabling automated finance management.

We use bank sync with budget rules like Needs/Wants/Savings, 50/30/20 etc.

Why do we need it?

To make clearer decisions about your personal finances. By automating the whole budget, you can take more time analyzing and less time hard guessing and planning your finances. Plus, most of the analysis part is also made on our end!

Who is it for?

People who wants to keep track their finances without spending hours to manage it. A simple auto-pilot budgeting system.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

We’re pretty much the only one making it simple to use budget splitting strategies (Needs/Wants/Savings, 50/30/20). If you are familiar or would like this approach, we’re definitely standing out!

What’s next?

More AI within our finance advices and better reporting. Probably a web/desktop app too!