Pitch for McSmartyPants Software


Company / App Name: McSmartyPants Software


What does it do?

McSmartyPants Software helps products find product-market fit by getting the market to provide feedback in the development phase. Crowdsourced feedback from your target audience gets fed through machine learning algorithms to guide products

Why do we need it?

Most products fail and on their path to failing spend tons of money iterating or marketing for a product that isn’t right. What if instead the target audience provided feedback during development? Product-market fit can happen pre-launch.

Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, product managers, program managers, inventors

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

There are no products focusing on this. All the focus is on iterating after launch or on improving sales & marketing. It makes way more sense to instead maximize by having a better product right out of the gates.

What’s next?

We will expand into other aspects of product development, such as product idea generation. In the long term, we will have trillions of data points across thousands of categories and use that to launch and refine products like never before.