Pitch for Math for Candy

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Company / App Name: Math for Candy

Twitter – @creasaur

What does it do?

Math for Candy is a NEW, simple, brilliant, and beautiful Math app.

The app adjust to the users math skills, and hands out math problems accordingly.

It tracks your progress and reward you with virtual candy as you progress!

Why do we need it?

Because Math for Candy is finally a math app celebrating success and not focusing on failure, and it’s about daring and bravery, not hesitation and doubt. And because it works … Oh and Candy – Don’t forget the Candy!

Who is it for?

The app is for kids age 5 to 12 – Or anyone who wants to get better at mental math

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

It is smart. It learns as you learn. You write the results with your finger, and it even reward you depending on your handwriting (this is great for learning, ask any teacher!) – It is beautiful and well designed, no silly animals!

What’s next?

A version for Android, Highscores, Goals … And even more Candy!

Link to Company / App Demo video