Pitch for LifeHash


Company / App Name: LifeHash


Twitter – @lifehash_

What does it do?

With a blockchain solution such as LifeHash, customers can commit any kind of data in real-time recording to the blockchain to manage proof, data-ownership and provenance.

Why do we need it?

LifeHash can be used for use-cases in several industries. Like in insurance, where we use it to manage transparent claims management with our app. This allows for more efficient claims management with lower fraud risks.

Who is it for?

Our solution is available for several industries, including:
– Supply chain
– Insurance
– Legal
– IP & Copyright
– Consumers

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

LifeHash is the first versatile blockchain SaaS solution. It does not rely on legally dubious token networks and it allows our customer to take all the good things behind networks like Bitcoin and apply them to their business.

What’s next?

LifeHash is working on a consumer app that allows everyone to make the advantages of blockchain and cryptography something practical.