Pitch for LeadSnake

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Company / App Name: LeadSnake


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What does it do?

LeadSnake is a B2B lead generation company sourcing hand-picked authentic leads for the IT industry.

Why do we need it?

– LeadSnake finds relevant leads based on the description of an ideal customer profile
– LeadSnake verifies leads manually, so the contact info of the leads is always up-to-date
– LeadSnake provides clients with unique prospects

Who is it for?

B2B IT companies of small and medium size selling in the US

What makes it stand out from the crowd?

– We make the process of lead search easy and quick
– LeadSnake is cheaper than competitors
– The process of sourcing leads through LeadSnake’s Tinder-like software is more interesting
– We supply leads only for IT companies

What’s next?

We’re currently in the process of developing an automated solution for B2B lead search. It’ll work similar to Tinder: clients will be able to choose what companies and which decision-makers they want to target by swiping left and right.